Warranty & Returns

GG Mall is reliable supplier trusted by hundreds of repair shop over the world. GG MALL guarantee every single screen pass strict QC process and match our Quality Standard, all of our parts have 45 Days Free Exchange Warranty. VIP Cusotmer will have 1 Year Free Exchagne Warranty.

1. If you found any damage on the item when received the package, please take pictures / video and contact us immediately.

2. Warranty only available for item keep its original condition when received, please test items before final installation. Item found installed or damage during installation will have no replacement or refund. We have warranty stamp on the item, please don’t remove it.


Below is Detail Information:

1. Please test all replacement part before final installation, just pull the flex cable and connect to the main board and make sure all functions are good. If anything wrong, please do not install it, put it on its’ original condition and contact us. Item found installed or damaged during installation will have no replacement or refund.  We have warranty stamp on the item, please don’t Remove it.

2. Please be very careful when dealing with the flex cable. Since flex cable is really volnerable. Glass fragments will broke the LCD. Please make sure the back bezel is smooth and all glass fragments have been cleaned.

3. Please turn off the phone before installing anything.

4. FPC connector have meticulous pin, please use your finger to feel all the connector in correct position before pressing to connect. Otherwise the main board may be damaged. If screen is not working well when testing (did not light up/ have lines / no touch..), please clean the FPC connector and test it again. Usually the problem will be solved. (Use brush with industrial alcohol)

5. Please make sure your logic board is working well, if you are not sure, test our screen on another Phone.

6. Again, after testing the screen and everything’s good, please be very careful when installing, since LCD is easy to broke. Please remember to remove the protective film on the back of the LCD.

7. Please take very careful of the cable. If you need to move the any part from Logic board, just pry up the FPC connector. Do not ever tear the flex cable! This will ruin the screen.

8. Do not press The LCD, the corner of the LCD is especially easy to Broke.

Professional repair skill is highly recommemded. Please follow correct step of repair Guide (, and so on), every wrong step may bring irreversibility damage.



Returns Policy:

If you confirm the damage is not caused by wrong installation, and the problem still exists after following our guides, please well pack the item in its original condition and send them back to us,

Please attach a paper with your Buyer Name, Sales Representative Name this can help us to recognize the item belongs to you. Please write "Return Item, Broken Screen", Please declare not more than 100USD on any applicable customs form. According to our policy, customer is responsible for the shipping cost of return and exchange items. Your understanding would be much appreciated.

We will have a professional test on screen, and share testing report with you as soon as we get it, there are some results usually you will get:

1.If our parts in good conditon (original condition you received), will be exchanged or refund credit.

2.If the screen has quality problem, unstable or damaged during transportation, will be exchanged or refund Credit.

3.If Screen has been damaged during buyer's incorrect installation, we won't take responsibility in this case, but we will try our best to repair the screen. 

We will send exchanged item(s) back to you or issue you a refund credit as long as package arrive and tested.



Kindly Note to Wholesalers:

Dear friend, GG MALL guarantee every single screen has pass strict QC process. We are always trying to offer the best products so you can just focus on your business. As you know screen defective may come from a lot of reason, main board problem, screen damaged, wrong installation, wrong model ordered, man-made damage, etc. We really appreciated you will have a test before selling and well packaging the item to avoid any damage.


More Detail Please Contact us.