Payment & Conditions

  • Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Options on GG Mall site include PayPal so far, this is safe for you. Please remind our unique paypal account is:

We also accept payment to our accounts: PayPal, T/T Payment, Western Union and ESCROW. After the payment is made, send the following details to us via email, so we could confirm it and start to prepare your order.


  • Q: Why is there a 3.6% PayPal fee on the total amount?

A: PayPal surcharges 3.6% fee per transaction. From 2015/7/28, All order Placed from will Charge 0 Paypal Fee, we may cancel this great promotion any time.


  • Q: Can you declare only $100 for my order? And can I pay with different accounts?

A: Sure. Usually we Declare 10% of the Total Real Amount for customer, if you need special arrangement, Please contact your sales representative for support.


  • Q: Do I need to pay additional bank fee if I pay by T/T (Bank transfer)?

A: GG-Mall would not charge you any fee for bank transfer. But banks would charge bank-to-bank transfer fee.

for example you are paying for an order of $600. The bank will charge $50 for transferring, so it's altogether $650 you will submit. If you submit only $600, then the payment we receive will be only $550. In that case, we would not be able to send your full order. Please contact your sales Rep for help. From 2015/7/28, All order Placed from OR off line will Charge 0 T/T Fee, we may cancel this great promotion any time.

As far as we know, if you do oversea bank transfer, there are three types of handling cost involved: 
1) Your local bank fee;
2) Oversea bank fee (If the money is not transferred from your bank to our bank directly, customer should be responsible for this inter-bank transfer fee.

3) Our local bank fee ($60 HKD: if your payment exceeds $2000 USD, we can cover this fee for you, otherwise you need to add this fee to us. From 2015/7/28, All order Placed from will Charge 0 Paypal Fee, we may cancel this promotion any time.)


  • Q: We are to pay for my order on case-parts via PayPal, what should we do?

A: Pay to directly. After the payment is made, let us know the transaction ID so we could start to handle your order in advance.