LCD Quality Testing Standard

You may wonder: Why do GG MALL have so many grades of LCD? Are you guys trying to confuse customer?


Well, actually there are several kinds of screen available in market, iPhone for example: Original OEM New, Original OEM Used, Fixed Glass Lens, Assembled Flex Cable (refurbished), Third Party Copy, etc..


Almost every kind of screen have different qualities, iPhone 5S Original OEM New Screen as example: some of them may have dead pixel spot, dust, lines, insensitive touch, appearance defect etc.. if we did not test those screens and sell them all as "100% Original OEM NEW Screen, Top Quality" that is cheating. and that is the reason why some customer reported to us "I bought LCD from XXX. but the quality is i wanna buy from you"


In GG MALL, We have the strictest QC team. Usually we test and mark screen to 7 grades, from top to bottom, there is: AAA+ > A > AA- > B+ > B > B- >C; make sure those screens must be working and all functional, the only thing we sub-grade those screens is: Display Function.


We are glad to share GG MALL iPhone & Samsung LCD Screen Testing Standard as below:


Please note that below test did not involve products manufacturing source (whether it is OEM or Copy), and in condition that they all working.



1. Samsung LCD Testing Standard:

*SBI (Screen Burn Image) usually happen to Samsung's Super AMOLED Screen.



2. iPhone & Other LCD Testing Standard:

*SBI (Screen Burn Image) usually means Screen Crush injury